Once you have built up an appetite, grab a bite to eat from The Xcape Café. Treat yourself to a Margret River Roasting Co. coffee & enjoy an award winning ice cream from our Two Fat Cows Artisan Ice Creamery.

Recruiting now, gamers young and old to battle it out in the tunnels of the Mine Shaft Maze. It tests not just physical but mental ability using strategy and teamwork. Defeat the enemy and achieve Battlefield dominance at Amaze ‘N’ Lazer Tag today!

Leave your fear of heights at the door. It’s time to scale our Tiki Mountain Climbing Tower and let your inner primate loose. Climb, grapple and swing your way to the top and view the whole park, before you bounce back to earth on the elastic webbing, then start climbing all over again.

Made in the South West with only natural ingredients. Taste the amazing homemade biscuits, sauces and hand-selected seasonal fresh fruit with the changing flavours of the seasons


Book online now and party. Guests will also receive a 2 for 1 voucher for a return visit. Conditions apply